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Zhaoping Train Station shows nostalgic charm



The Zhaoping Train Station was re-inaugurated April 21, 2013 amidst train whistles.


The station has been refurbished by the Chiayi Forest District Office. In the morning, deputy minister of the Council of Agriculture Chen Wen-te, director-general of the Forestry Bureau Li Tao-shen, and a number of other high ranking officials revealed the train station sign to the public as a symbol of re-inauguration during a ceremony. The event is preceded by a dance performance by students of the Shanmei Elementary School in Alishan. The children also dedicated a song by late indigenous Tsou poet Kao Yi-shen from this region.


According to deputy minister Chen, Alishan is famous for its five wonders: ancient trees, the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the sunset, and the railway. The last one, the Alishan Forest Railway, is especially popular. This is why the Chiayi Forest District Office initially decided to refurbish the Zhaoping Train Station—to attract more visitors. Also, Forestry Bureau Director-General Li Tao-shen pointed out that the Alishan Forest Railway has recently become sister railways with the Kurobe Gorge Railway in Japan, which is expected to increase the Alishan Forest Railway’s international presence. Moreover, an entrustment contract will be signed between the Chiayi District Office and the Taiwan Railway Administration on April 26, 2013, specifying that the operations of the Alishan Forest Railway will be assisted by the Taiwan Railway from May 1, 2013 on. All of the above-mentioned conditions make the re-inauguration of the Zhaoping Train Station even more meaningful.


In fact, the historic Zhaoping Station has much to offer culture-wise. It was an important logistic hub for the logging industry and the largest log collection center during the Japanese Rule. An officer from the district office also noted that, remains of log-collecting machines and log-collecting poles can still be found near the refurbished station. Such are facilities used to pick up and transport the wood.


The officer further pointed out that the Zhaoping Park in front of the train station was a hotel area during the Japanese Rule and the Zhongzheng Village after the nationalists came. In 1976, a fire broke out and the village was destroyed. The park has also been recently refurbished and features a “Poetry Hiking Trail” today. The trail aims to show the history and beauty of the Alishan.



Zhaoping Train Station shows nostalgic charm


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