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Introduction of Tsou Tribe

"Introduction of Tsou Tribe" lasts 15 minutes, featuring the Tsou Tribal culture in Alishan, highlighting characteristic sites in various villages. In terms of culture, you can’t miss the village architecture, craftsmanship, good food, festivals, traditional and innovative dances and music; in terms of characteristic sites, there is the Leye / Fu-shan ancient trail with rich ecological views, Tefuye ancient trail connecting the two large villages of Tabangu and Tefuye, sharing gazebo in Chashan Village, Crafts Exhibition Hall in Sinmei Village, care-free Varicorhinus alticorpus swimming in Danayigu in Sanmei Village, and the romantic Titanic cliff in Laiji Village; the natural and beautiful views will take you on a sensual feast of many levels. Remember! You must experience a traditional cultural experience when you come to Alishan, and enjoy a total release and self-banishment of the mind!

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