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Chashan is situated at the source of the Zengwen River and was originally called “the plain on the mountain” by the Tsou. It is the most southerly village in Alishan County. Although remote, it is the first Tsou village reached if driving from Namaxia District in Kaoshiung or Dapu Township in Chiayi.

In recent years Chashan has become well-known because of pavilion culture and, upon entering the village, various kinds of pavilion can be seen all around. Adding the gorge and creek, Chashan is like a garden village. It might be called Tea Mountain but actually the villages doesn’t have many tea fields and it is said that it was thus named because in earlier times camellia (tea oil plant) was grown here.

Chashan Village’s elevation ranges from 260-1600 meters and it is on an important three-road intersection road between Alishan Township and Kaoshiung. There is a large colored painting opposite the village depicting mountains and river scenery, the water referring to the Zengwen River and the mountains the mountains of the Alishan Mountain Range, also symbolizing the unity of and cooperation between different ethnic groups.

The three roads lead to Dapu, Shanmei and Namaxia in Kaohsiung respectively, which are Bunun, Han and Tsou settlements respectively.Chashan isn’t very big and the local people are very friendly towards visitors. The Pavilion Festival is now held annually, making the village one of the new tourist spots of the Alishan area.

Must Eat Dishes

Aromatic Rice

Javanica aromatic rice, the grains smaller than ordinary rice. If a handful is cooked with other rice in an electric rice cooker the whole pot will release an appealing aroma when the lid is opened.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Tunabana Ecological Trail

This is in Chashan Village, the entrance next to Kaiyuan Farm. The villagers have planted Butterfly ginger flowers all along the irrigation channel and, when they are in bloom, the air is filled with their fresh fragrance, making walking here even more pleasant.

Must Do Activities

Chashan Pavilion Festival

To rebuild village culture, in the last few years the villagers of Chashan Village have joined forces and voluntarily built pavilions to continue village culture. This is how the Chashan Pavilion Festival originated.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway) →Longmei→Chia 129 Township Road→Shanmei→Xinmei→Chashan.

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