Most of Wenfeng is hilly or mountainous, the terrain is steep and the roads are narrow.Most of the villagers are farmers. The temperature is cooler than the lowlands, making it a good place to escape the heat. Dakeng Trail and Guanyin Waterfall Scenic Area are popular and Dakeng Mountain is good for watching the sunrise, cloud sea and waterfall. Mist shrouded and surrounded by mountains, Wenfeng resembles a wonderland, which is why it is known as Taiwan’s Huangshan. Water is also plentiful making it a good place to have both a forest shower and a cold spring bath.

Wenfeng’s farm produce is renowned in the Chiayi area, its lychee, persimmon, bamboo shoots and tea of high quality. The Gaojioeli oriental pears grown under the waterfall are shiny and sweet and have become a respected brand. The persimmons are also fat and juicy. The longan grown here are as big as the average lychee and are at their sweetest and most juicy in October and are famous all across Taiwan.Wenfeng also produces more chayote than any other place in Taiwan. Resembling guava, in the peak season they are both crispy and soft.

Must Eat Dishes


The longans, as big as lychees and renowned throughout Taiwan, are sweet and juicy in October. Most of the longans produced are eaten raw while some are processed into dried longan.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Guanyin Waterfall Scenic Area

This well-known scenic area is in Wenfeng Village. It is surrounded by mountains and offers beautiful scenery.

Must Do Activities

Leisurely Journey Along The Road To Tea

Leisurely Journey Along The Road To Tea

On the road to tea, visitors pick tea, make tea, make snacks DIY and taste creative tea dishes, giving the tea industry cultural depth and diversified development.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhuqi Interchange→County Road 166→Wenfeng.

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