Journey Through The Ruitai Area

  • Ruili two-day tour

    Itinerary suitable for:Families, the elderly

    At Ruili the visitor can see dense green bamboo forest, simple old villages and 1000 year old strange landforms, and also bird watch, watch fireflies, the diversity of the journey bringing new life to the scenic spots of the Ruitai area.

Recommended route:

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

1.South Second Highway→exit at Zhuqi Interchange→County Road 166 (former Chia Township Road 122) →Provincial Highway 3→County Road 166 (former Chia Township Road 122)→Yuantan Eco Nature Park (71.5k point).

2.County Road 166 (former Chia Township Road 122) towards Ruili→Swallow Cliff, 1000 year Bat Cave (enter at 72.2k point).

3.Ruitai Historic Trail entrance (81.2k point) →green tunnel (81k).



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