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Exploring Alishan

The Alishan National Scenic Area Administration covers as many as 41,520 hectares of land, in Fanlu, Zhuqi, Meishan and Alishan townships, next to the vast Jianan Plain and has a transport network which expands throughout local mountains like leaf veins. In fact, Alishan has more than sunrise and railways to offer. Lush green forests that go far and beyond, mysterious changing clouds, rushing waterfalls, hillside tea farms and indigenous villages can all amaze visitors. According to its highway system, geography and culture, the scenic area may be explored through three main themes, “Alishan Highway,” “Northwestern Corridor,” and “Tsou villages.”

Provincial Highway 18

  • Provincial Highway 18


Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18) is the main road that crosses the Alishan National Scenic Area. It is also the most classic route to take if you are visiting Alishan. From flatland to high mountains, along the way, visitors can immerse in splendid views of tea farms, seas of clouds, the sunset, old Qing-Dynasty routes, Japanese colonial houses, and old logging railways.

Northwest Corridor Area

  • Tea Garden

    Tea Garden

  • On the way to picking tea

    On the way to picking tea

The Northwestern Corridor can be reached via County Roads 166 and 162A. Adapted from the early routes which Qing immigrants used to exploit the land, they roads are full of historical and cultural charm. Along the way, visitors may even find a few old houses, aside from tea farms and lush bamboo forests native forests. The natural ecology here is well preserved, making this place a great LOHAS holiday spot.

Tsou Culture Area

  • Tsou dance

    Tsou dance

  • Tsou

    Seeing-off of Gods

Tsou is an indigenous people of Alishan. Men like to put on feather ornaments, leatherwear, and knives. Most women wear colored-bead head ornaments. The Tsou people live eight tribes – four are in northern and three are in southern Alishan. The tribes are all on the “indigenous Tsou travel route.”

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