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Mountains & Forests

As the elevation increases the vegetation changes from subtropical forest to temperate warm zone forest with bamboo, Indian charcoal trema,camphor trees, Formosan red cypress, Taiwan incense- cedar, Formosan China-fir, Taiwania and Taiwan cypress etc. Walking through the forest in the scenic area, the unique fragrance of each type of tree fills the nostrils, refreshing mind and body.

  • Alishan’s diverse forests

    Alishan’s diverse forests

  • Beautiful bamboo forest tunnels

    Beautiful bamboo forest tunnels

Of Taiwan’s more than 4000 vascular plants, more than 100 have Alishan in their name, such as the Alishan honeysuckle and Alishan mahonia, showing the richness of Alishan’s flora.

  • Aspidistra elatior

    Aspidistra elatior

  • Yoshino Cherry

    Yoshino Cherry

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