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Dance with Animals

The main rivers of Alishan are the upper reaches of the Zengwen River and the Qingshui River that runs through the Laiji and Fengshan areas. These rivers are the home of shovelnosed minnows, river shrimps, Formosan River loaches and many other creatures. The unspoiled natural environment supports rich ecological resources and Alishan has numerous insects, fish, birds and mammals, with mammals including the Red-bellied tree squirrel , white-faced flying squirrel, wild pig, Formosan macaque, Formosan reeve's muntjac, Formosan sambar, amphibians including the Alishan Salamander and Sauter's Brown Frog, with the Chinese mountain pit viper and Taiwan mountain pit-viper commonly seen snakes.

  • Whited-faced Flying Squirrel

    Whited-faced Flying Squirrel

  • Moltrechti's green treefrog

    Moltrechti's green treefrog

Alishan is also a heaven for mountain birds. In the higher elevation mountain areas of Alishan, surveys conducted by experts have identified more than 40 species of bird including the black-throated tit and coal tit.When you drive along the Alishan Highway drive carefully so as not to scare a pied wagtail having a leisurely stroll at the roadside;the endemic sub-species the collared bush robin, whose numbers are declining, can also be observed; if you are very lucky you might even see a rare Taiwan blue pheasant!

  • Swinhoe's Pheasant

    Swinhoe's Pheasant

  • White-eared Sibia

    White-eared Sibia

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