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Alishan is blessed with bountiful natural resources, such as sun rise views, a sea of clouds and old forests. Especially as a popular folk song goes, Alishan has amazed people with its “lush green mountains and deep blue waters.” No matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, visitors can expect to appreciate some of its beauty. For years, Alishan has been famous for its historical forest railway and indigenous tribes, too.

The Alishan National Scenic Area Administration was established in July 2001. It serves the four townships of Meishan, Zhuqi, Fanlu and Alishan which cover 41,520 hectares of land. Since its foundation, the Administration Office has devoted to integrating tourism resources in the region and improving early-day facilities. New sites have opened and thematic tours are available nowadays. A range of marketing activities have also been held to build a new image of Alishan and boost local businesses.

  • Introduction
  • Introduction

Since taking office on June 3, 2015, I have been trying to turn the National Alishan Scenic Area into an international mountain vacation site that’s safe, ecological, sustaining, and of the LOHAS spirit. I look into past experiences to draw a blueprint for it, while applying innovative and creative ideas. My team and I aim to provide more high-quality and different tourist services. We want both visitors and local business owners to be happy. Based on the existing work, we have actively promoted Chiayi as Alishan’s portal city and Provincial Highway 18 as an international tourist road. Taiping Suspension Bridge, Niupuzi Recreational Area and Fenqi Lake and its nearby refurbished town are our three most touted travel highlights. Northwestern Corridor ecological tours and indigenous Tsou trips are much recommended, too. Quality, uniqueness and diversity being our core values, we hope to bring Alishan to a whole new level.

You are cordially invited to visit Alishan. Relax and immerse in its charm. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Director, Alishan National Scenic Area Administration

Ma Hui-ta

Last Updated:2017-08-04 11:08

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