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MayFirefly Season

After many years of firefly conservation work in the greater Alishan area a large number of fireflies of a number of species can be seen today. The fireflies are most active April-June but fireflies can be seen all year round in the Alishan area.

Firefly Season

In depth report

  • Firefly (Diaphanes mubilus Jeng et Lai)

    Firefly (Diaphanes mubilus Jeng et Lai)

    There are four stages in a fireflies life—the egg, larva, pupa and adult stages. Skin shedding only occurs in the larva stage when the larva grows, the size during the other three stages remaining the same.

Additional travel tips

  1. Necessary equipment:firefly identification guide, torch wrapped in red paper, insect box for observing the fireflies and water to drink.
  2. Attire:long sleeved top, long trousers and sports shoes. Snakes are active at night so remember to disturb the grass in front of you with a stick.
  3. Firefly viewing time:go into action as soon as the sun goes down. In spring/summer fireflies can be seen 6.30-8.30 pm and in autumn/winter roughly 6-7pm.

Where to see fireflies

Ruifeng, Ruili, Fenqihu, Guanghua.

How to get there?

  1. National Highway 3→exit Shuishang System (300K) →Provincial Highway 18→turn left on County Highway 169 at Shizhao→County Highway 162A→arrive at Fenqihu.
  2. National Highway 3→exit Meishan System (279K)→County Highway 162→Provincial Highway 3→County Highway 162A→arrive at Ruifeng. Approximately 40 kilometers.
  3. National Highway 3→exit Zhuqi System (290K) →County Highway 166 (old Chia Township Road 122) →arrive at Ruili. Approximately 37.7 kilometers.
  4. National Highway 3→exit Zhongpu System (297K)→Provincial Highway 18→join County Highway 159A at Shizhao→arrive Guanghua.



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