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JanuarySunrise Impression Concert

The Sunrise Impression Concert has been held on Zhushan viewing platform and in other venues in 2500 meter elevation Alishan Forest Recreation Area for nearly 10 years. Visitors are moved by the sound of beautiful music as they greet the first sun rays of the new year.


In depth report

  • Sunrise Impression Concert

    Sunrise Impression Concert

    Since 2003 the Sunrise Impression Concert has been held on the morning of January 1, the high quality, diverse music and nature resonating perfectly. The relay of performances takes place at Gaoyue sunrise viewing platform, Zhushan bus shelter and the visitor center amongst others.

  • Alishan Sunrise

    Alishan Sunrise

    The position and time of the sunrise at Alishan differs through the year. In summer the earliest sunrise is 5am and the latest in winter is around 7am (source:this administration’s website and Chiayi County Travel Bureau).

Additional travel tips

There is a big difference in temperature between morning and evening and daytime. Visitors should bring warm clothes with them.


Alishan Forest Recreation Area

How to get there?

  1. National Highway 1→exit Chiayi system (272K)→Expressway 82→National highway 3→exit Shuishang System (300K)→Provincial Highway 18→Alishan Forest Recreation Area.



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