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Driving Information

The main roads that lead to the scenic spots in this area are Highway 18, County Road 162 A, County Road 149 A, County Road 159 A, County Road 166, Chiayi Township Road 129, and Chiayi Township Road 155. If you are visiting here by bus, you may take National Highway 1 and make an exit at Dounan, Dalin and Chiayi Interchanges, etc. or take Formosa Freeway and make an exit at Meishan, Zhuqi and Zhongpu Interchanges, for instance, to enter the national scenic area. You may also make an entrance from Shuili, Tataka, Sanmin or Chashan.

  1. National Highway 3Provincial Highway 3Meishan interchange (279K)162A (Meishan, Ruili, Ruifeng and Taihe)
  2. National Highway 3Provincial Highway 3Zhuqi interchange (290K)County Highway 166(Zhuqi, Taixing, Ruili)
  3. There are rest stops without toilets near the 56K、66K points of the Alishan Highway 56K,66. There is a private (7-Eleven) toilet in Shizhao

  4. National Highway 1Chiayi System Interchange (272K)Expressway 82National Highway 3Zhongpu Interchange(297K)Provincial Highway 18

In case of rockslides on these main roads and that traffic has been suspended, you make consider taking the following alternative roads. If these roads are closed, too, then we recommend that you return to where you were and wait for the responsible engineering agency to fix the roads.

Shizilu - Shizhao
Shizhao - Chukou
Longmei - Chashan
5th Neighbirhood, Laiji – Fenqihu

All of the aforementioned alternative roads are single-lined, meaning that they are suitable for small vehicles. Please ask local residents about the current traffic condition before hitting an alternative road, so as to avoid getting stuck in the middle – that will bring greater loss of joy of your trip!

Gas Station Information

  1. Taisugar gas station on the Dingliu section of Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18)
  2. Bianfa gas station, Zhongpu section of Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18)
  3. Xiding gas station, Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18)
  4. Shizhao gas station on Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18). Opening hours are 8am to 5pm. Sells only unleaded gasoline 95 and premium grade gasoline.
  5. Alishan gas station on Alishan Highway (Provincial Highway 18)

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