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Danaiku Ecological Park

Danayigu is in the catchment area of the upper reaches of the Zengwen River. The river contains many shovel-nosed minnows.

The former township chief encouraged local people to donate the fishing grounds that were formally owned by each family and the River Conservation Association was formed. The villagers formed their own patrol group to prevent the electrocution or poisoning of fish and strengthen pollution prevention work. After quite a few years of effort fish can now be easily seen in the clear waters of the river and the river ecology has been able to make a good recovery.
The park has three fish viewing areas, the first of which has the most fish. When the sun is high silver flashes can be seen under the water as the minnows rub algae from rocks with their bodies. The second and third fish viewing areas are within 30 minutes walking time of the first. As well as minnows and dace can also be seen.

Interpreters that can be booked in advance by contacting Shanmei Community Development Association and the association also provides travel advice.Tel: 05-2513022(05-2586994). A ticket is required to enter the park.


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