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Three activities held at once to celebrate New Year in Alishan

In reception of the first rays of the Sun in 2019, Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC has organized three New Year sunrise events in greater Alishan. They are: 2019 Sunrise Impressions Music Concert, 2019 Mazhu Lake Hiking Trail Sunrise Music Feast, and Sunrise and Coffee at Bihu, for people to enjoy the New Year sunrise in a unique setting.

The 2019 Alishan Sunrise Impressions Music Concert will be held at Duigaoyue Station which is nearly 2,500 meters above the sea level. This year, the youth division of Philharmonia Moments Musicaux, indigenous Tsou singer Francesca Kao, and independent artist Suming will join force to present the audio feast. Embraced by Alishan’s refreshing phytoncide and melodious singing and music, visitors can expect to enjoy the first rays of the Sun on New Year’s Day fully. By clocking in on the Administration’s Facebook fan-page and sharing thoughts and photos, each visitor will get a pair of sunglasses for watching the sunrise. A total of 3,000 pairs of sunglasses will be given. Be sure to protect the eyes when watching the Sun!

At 1,100 meters above the sea level, Mazhu Lake Hiking Trail is the highest scenic spot in its surroundings. It offers a panoramic view of Jianan Plain in the south, Mt. Jade in the east (the Sun rises from there), and Chiayi Plain in the west. The sunrise event will take place from 5am to 8am on January 1, 2019. Owners of local B&Bs will take visitors for a walk to the trail’s scenic platform, and along the way there are idyllic tea farms and wild ginger flowers. The trail meanders through the quiet mountainous area surrounded by floating clouds and fogs - an ethereal trail it is. While people wait for the Sun to rise, local music teachers will dedicate a few sweet songs and tea experts some cups of warm tea. Light food will be served at last. The Administration hopes to wish people a blessed and energetic year of 2019 through this event.

Visitors might also want to go into the mountains on the last day of 2018. They may join a package tour in Taiping to enjoy the sunset at Taiping Suspension Bridge, dinner at a traditional banquet, and a remarkable performance of Ten Drum Art Percussion Group. After a good night’s sleep, visitors can watch the New Year Sunrise at Bihu Tourist Tea Farm. At 06:20, National Cheng Kung University Art Center will dedicate a mandolin show. Why not bathe under the wonderful morning Sun, sip a cup of high-mountain boutique coffee, and receive the first rays of the Sun of 2019 amidst resounding music.

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