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Indigenous Tsou fest sets sail in Alishan

The 2018 Indigenous Tsou Festival will begin in mid-Oct. among joyous celebrations soon, as held by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC.

The festival will have Alishan’s tribes to take part, such as Zhulu, Laiji, Shanmei, Xinmei, and Chashan. This will include the Beans of Life Festival (Oct. 27-28), Xinmei Camellia Oil & Hunters’ Festival (Nov. 3), Laiji Thanksgiving Festival (Nov. 9-10), Shammei Taiwan Shovel-jaw Carp Festival (Nov. 10-11), Chashan Hufu Pavilion Festival (Nov. 17-18), and Zhulu Festival of Sharing (Dec. 1-2). Thematic tribal tours will also take place, such as Zulu Tribal Tour (Wednesdays to Sundays, starting from Oct. 20), Leye Tribal Tour (Nov. 24), and Lijia Tribal Tour (Dec. 7-10).

The organizer will hold the Muni Music festival in Danayi Valley on Nov. 3 with Shanmei Tribe. Music groups from local tribes will be invited to perform for this event.

The organizer will also hold a special hunters’ camp with members of Xinmei Tribe. The camp’s participants are encouraged to have fun in Xinmei, forgetting the hustles and bustles of cities. The participants will have much to do, including hunting and collecting food in the wild with tribal hunters, setting up camps with Formosan palms, and listening to old indigenous Tsou singing and savoring limited-edition cuisine by the tribe’s mama chefs under a starry sky without light pollution. They will sleep in a super romantic, wild hunters’ huts. The camp will be held from Oct. 19 to 21, 2018.

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