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2018 Alishan Food Truck Gourmet Competition II.

Come join us on Friday and Saturday Oct 26th and 27th at Alishan. Show the world your cooking talents and win prizes!
Food truck is a new trend of food culture. Alishan is not densely populated and by driving food to where the crowds are, it gives us the chance to create new food culture which is where the gourmet is, where the foodies are.

Alishan has long been proud of its own culture, amazing landscape and natural resources. Its agricultural area goes widely across four different climates and that gives Alishan a rich selection of food ingredients. The principal practice of the competition is “Local Ingredients, Creative Cuisine”. We expect to see the contestants to take advantage of local resources and come up with cooking that caters to international palates. The world is on the tip of our tongue at 2018 Alishan Food Truck Competition II.

Food feeds not just our physical needs but also the emotional ties. Food trucks are able to deliver the taste of home with a few touches of creative ideas to the world travelers. This is something that restaurants may not replicate.

The ideas behind food truck event is that the contestants will be given opportunities to talk to and find out local people’s eating preferences with local eateries on Oct 26th. On the other hand, the local eateries will have a look at how the food trucks contestants design the menus, their food presentation and the ability to market themselves on the competition day, Oct 27th.

Through the competition, Alishan National Scenic Area Administration may have a better grasp of how people see the nature of Alishan flavors. It also gives the administration a chance to show the tourists the uniqueness of how people live in Alishan area gather and share their wisdom of food. Food truck competition at this stage serves as a medium for expanding the horizon of understanding the essence of Alishan. The visibility will reach out to the public with the event and we believe more people who are into Alishan and food cultures will be brought upon. “Alishan’s Palate Festival” will be our next step.

▲Registration Deadline: 2018.10.05
▲Applicants: Open to food truck owners who are interested in the competition. 1 to 2 persons top as a team.
▲How to apply:
Apply online and fill out the form as follows:
You must provide your Facebook page and the POST OF YOUR DISH that includes the photo of the dish in order to enter the preliminary review process. We will notify you the results through email.

▲Theme Of The Competition: Gourmet Food Trucks
▲Location: Chukou Niubu Aberdeen Prairie
※More information please visit our on-line registration website.

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