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Alishan Seasonal Tea Journey to kick off on Sept. 29, 2018

“Alishan Seasonal Tea Journey - Autumn Tea Ceremony by Wild Creeks” will soon take place on Saturday Sept. 29, 2018 at Aye River Waterfall Trail in Taixing Village. 20 seats will be set and attendants may take off their shoes to bathe their feet in cool river water, before savoring Alishan’s fine tea amid misty breezes.

The seasonal journey takes people to brew tea outdoors. Tea experts will introduce Alishan’s fine seasonal tea, in tea gardens, in misty tree forests and bamboo forests, under blooming cherry trees, in front of old houses, and by wild creeks and waterfalls, depending on the season.

Taixing Village of Meishan Township, Chiayi County is situated at 450-1,250 meters above the sea level. In recent years, toxin-free Jinxuan tea has been widely grown in this area. Every year in Autumn, tens of thousands of cattle egrets pass by Taixing as they move to the South, all along Qingshui River Valley. Because of uprising air currents, the birds all fly up and up until they cross mountain peaks. Such a unique ecological scene is called “ten-thousand egrets devoting to a phoenix” locally.

In conjunction with the 2018 Alishan International Bird-watching Competition held on Sept. 28-29, free shuttle services will be offered in Taixing Village. The organizer cordially invites all visitors who love Alishan to appreciate the magnificent scene of cattle egrets migrating to the South, while savoring local light meals.

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