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A Xi Ziteng Homestay

  • Tel:886-5-2501575
  • Fax:886-5-2501646
  • Add:No.10-3, Ruili Vil., Meishan Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Price:10800 ~ 10800
Ruili Axi Wisteria Bed and Breakfast is located on Chiayi Mountain at an elevation of 1100 meters, featuring mild, comfortable weather, surrounding mountain mists, and fog in the afternoon. Sit in the beautiful, secluded environment, sip a cup of homegrown coffee, and savor the moment of enjoying the lush, colorful garden. The bed and breakfast is housed in a traditional three-section building compound different from those commonly imagined, as Axi has increased its artistic appeal. Originally his home, he opened it up to guests at the recommendation of friends. The remodeled building is integrated with a European outdoor garden, offering a bed and breakfast as well as coffee. Bring all your friends to the mountain, where you’ll feel like you’re living in a vacation cottage. We have two housekeepers and a lush garden, and have collected several coffee mugs. “Choose one you like, and experience your true self.” We’ve got Axi’s homegrown coffee beans, good music, many stories, and outdoo

Last Updated:2017-08-30 08:55

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