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Alishan House

  • Tel:886-5-2679811
  • Fax:886-5-2679596
  • Add:No.16, W. Alishan, Shianglin, Xianglin Vil., Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • E-Mail:service@alishanhouse.com.tw
  • Price:6600 ~ 300000
Hotel History Respond to the twenty first century tourism development movement, Ministry of Transportation & Communications developed on Twenty First Century Taiwan Tourism Strategy, and created a high quality sightseeing environment concentrate in local community, ecological community, and variety as the main principal. To continue promote tourism, the Executive Yuan Tourism Development Team appointed Chiayi County government and Tourism Bureau to carry out the scenic resource investigation and management arena agenda for Ali Mountain region. In March 2001, Ministry of Transportation & Communication completes the grade review as national class scenic area and declared management region. In the same year, established National Scenic Area Administration Office in Mt. Ali on July 23rd. On September 4th, President Chen came in person for the grand opening. Story of Development Eight years ago, government operated Alishan House entrusted Chao-Li Hotel Man

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