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Where can I go?

Guanghua Village has an elevation of 1000 meters and has beautiful scenery. The village has a large number of unusual trees and old trees, with the two most famous an autumn maple tree and a chinaberry tree over 100 years old, the former having such a wide girth that it takes five people with linked hands to encircle it.It is also the host to creeping fig, ferns and more ten other kinds of plants. Proceed along Dahua Highway and a majestic weathered rock cliff will come into few. There is also a stone forest made up of piled up stones.

Must Eat Dishes

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboos shoots are one of the special products of Alishan,; a variety of shoots are grown meaning that shoots can be eaten all year round.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Land God Temple

The Land Gold Temple in Ding Ben Zai (literally Stupid Person) does not have a statue of the god, what is worshipped is a stone tablet on which four characters meaning earth god of wealth and merit are written, which is quite unusual.

Must Do Activities


23 species of firefly can be seen in the Greater Alishan area (roughly one third of the 62 species in Taiwan) and the fireflies can be seen from low elevations to medium elevations, making it a great place to view fireflies. The firefly wedding ceremony is held throughout the year.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway)→arrive when reach 63 k marker.

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