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Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Alishan Forest Recreation Area is at the 89K point of the Alishan Highway and at the end of the Alishan Mountain Railway. Alishan itself doesn’t have a peak and it is actually composed of 18 mountains such as Jialun Mountain, Zhu Mountain, and Data Mountain etc.

The climate doesn’t change much through the year, with the average temperature around 10C, and lows of -3 in winter. Cool in summer, it is good place to escape the heat of the lowlands, and the blackflies. The recreation area has more than 1000 sakura cherry blossom trees. Most people will only be familiar with the area between the new and the old station (Zhaoping Station). With red pillars like a Chinese palace the new station is the largest wooden station in Taiwan. As soon as alighting from the train, visitors see the unique semi-arched wooden pillars that support the shelter. There is a scenery viewing platform in front of the station from which the cloud sea, sunset glow and sunset can be watched and the different layers of rock on Ta Mountain clearly seen.

Alishan is famous for five wonders: the railway, forest, cloud sea, sunrise and sunset glow. Its scenic spots can be divided into three areas, the recreation area itself, the second Zhushan and Duigaoyue Sunrise Viewing Trail, and third the Mianyue line, Data Mountain Trail, the A-Ji traverse and the A-Feng traverse.

Must Eat Dishes

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboos shoots are one of the special products of Alishan,; a variety of shoots are grown meaning that shoots can be eaten all year round.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Jiemei (Sister) Lakes

It is said that two aboriginal girls could not find love and committed suicide here. The little sister lake is oval in shape, the elder sister lake is larger and rectangular and has two wooden “love pavilions” built on Formosan red cypress bases. The two lakes are less than 50 meters apart.

Must Do Activities


Every spring the annual Alishan sakura season begins and the beautiful sight should not be missed. Alishan Forest Recreation Area has a large number of Yoshino cherry trees, followed in number by Formosan cherry trees;theare also 1000 Yaebenishidare (double-blossom dropping cherry tree ) cherry trees, Alishan is simply the best place to see sakura cherry blossoms in Taiwan.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway) →arrive when reach 89 k marker.

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