The road that goes down to the right at Longmei on the Alishan Highway is County Road 129 on which there are three Tsou villages, Shanmei, Xinmei and Chashan, called the three southern villages collectively. The first, Shanmei, is in a flat area on the middle reaches of the Zengwen River in the south of the Alishan area, elevation ranging from 500 to 1200 meters.

Today’s Shanmei Village was built in 1929. Prior to the Japanese Colonial Period the village had around 30 households, most of the people from Lijia Village and Dabang Village. Today the population is around 600. The village is a surrounded by bamboo forest. In recent years high mountain tea, tea-oil plant, persimmons, ginger, corn, jelly fig, taro and short-time leafy vegetables have been grown, however, the various types of bamboo that can be harvested all year round make up most of the income of the villagers.

In addition to Dannayiku Ecological Park the area also has a number of camping grounds along the Zengwen River. Successful fish conservation at Dannayiku has made the village the best known Tsou village in Taiwan and it is also the most distinctive. The village has also become a community-building model for other aboriginal villages.

Must Eat Dishes

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboos shoots are one of the special products of Alishan,; a variety of shoots are grown meaning that shoots can be eaten all year round.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Danayi Valley (Danayigu)

The Danayi Valley (in Shanmei) is well-known for successful fish conservation but the fish in the river aren’t the only point of interest, it also is the home of many butterflies.

Must Do Activities

Shanmei Taiwan Shoveljaw Carp Festival

Shanmei’s Tanayiku is a traditional hunting and fishing ground of the Tsou tribe. To protect its natural appearance the villagers have formed team of volunteer wardens to protect the river and conserve its rare shovel-jaw carp.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway)→Longmei→Chia 129 Township Road→Shanmei.

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