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Fengshan was originally called Qilenganshe but was also called Shigupan, “ stony plate”. Why? Surrounded by mountains and flat, it resembled a plate and there were also many large stones scattered around the overgrown flat ground, so this is why it was given the name stony plate by early settlers. A visit to Fengshan is like a visit to a farming museum, with traditional farming implements and facilities all around and also some old courtyard houses that were built using locally-sourced materials. Wander on the narrow roads through the countryside around Fengshan and this old farming equipment and buildings can be discovered, and the locals also encountered, always greeting visitors with a warm smile.

The main crop grown in Fengshan Village is ma bamboo shoots and tea; the shoots are harvested April-May every year. Wild jelly fig and sugar cane also grow in the nearby mountains. Organic farming is being actively developed in the village with the peak season for vegetables spring and summer, the village’s teasel gourd, sweet pepper and persimmon are renowned all over Taiwan.

In the past Fengshan was famous for its “10 sights” which are :Shipangu waterfalls (Shipan Valley waterfalls), Jiaolong Waterfall, Hua Gang Shui Shang Qing (Huaguang Shuilian Cave ), Meihua Peak(Meihua ling), “Snake tree laying an egg,” Mysterious tree hugging a rock, Dadianyu Wtaerfall,1000 person Cave, Xian Meng Yuan and Shimeng Valley.

Must Eat Dishes

Sugar Cane

A large amount of sugar cane is grown at the edge of fields and along industrial roads in the Fengshan area. Aiyu jelly with Fengshan sugar cane sugar on it is a famous local dessert.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Shigupan Tourist Bridge

The September 21 earthquake of 1999 made getting to and from Fengshan difficult so the tourist bridge, completed in 2007, was built. It has the longest span of any bridge in Chiayi County and, planned as a themed tourist attraction, by night is illuminated by multicolored lights that light up the gorge and create a beautiful scene.

Must Do Activities


Frogs can be seen in the Greater Alishan area all year round, from low elevation to medium elevation areas. Around 18 frog species live in the fields, ponds, waterfalls, rivers and bamboo forest of Alishan.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Meishan Interchange→County Road 162, Provincial Highway 3→162 A→Taiping→Ruifeng→County Road 169→Taihe→Fengshan.

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