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Laiji was originally called Lalaji and is a Tsou village at the foot of the Tsou sacred mountain, Ta Mountain. Close to lovely Alishan Creek, Laiji’s elevation is 700-1000 meters. The area is divided into two settlements, Neilaiji (Inner Laiji) and Wailaiji (Outer Laiji). Laiji is linked by road to Taihe and is part of Tefuye Village.

The main sources of income of the villagers are cabbage, bamboo shoot, jelly fig, wasabi, and high mountain tea and the organic tea that has been grown in recent years by some villagers has been highly praised. Laiji’s natural landscape comprises of mountains, a gorge and waterfalls and forest. 2600 meter Ta Mountain is the sacred mountain of the Tsou and is feared and respected.

It is said that Laiji was established when the Tsou people migrated to the area to hunt for wild pig long ago which is why wild pigs were the subject chosen to give the village its own distinctive look. With the support of the scenic area administration, local artists made stone sculptures of wild pigs, one showing a pig bathing, one showing a lazy pig, another brave pig and pigs in various other poses, that visitors sure to find interesting.

Visitors to Laiji can experience authentic Tsou aboriginal culture, play amongst the stone sculptures of wild pigs and will find it is a place where they can thoroughly relax.

Must Eat Dishes

Coffee Beans

The local streams have clear, pure water, the soil is fertile and the climatic conditions suitable, allowing excellent coffee beans to be grown in Laiji.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Sibisibi (Titanic Cliff)

The cliff is round 600 meters high and shaped like a boat’s prow so it is called Titanic by locals because it reminds them of the scene from the film when Leonardo and Kate stood on the prow with their arms open facing into the wind.

Must Do Activities


The Greater Alishan area has a large variety of butterflies, mainly because of its diverse environments and plentiful nectar plants.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Meishan Interchange→County Road 162, Provincial Highway 3→162 A→Taiping→Ruifeng→149 A→Laiji.

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