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Taihe is the most remote village of Meishan County. It is halfway up Xiang Mountain, facing Data Mountain. In the Japanese Colonial Period it was called “Haliwei” but, in the hope that the people would live in harmony the name was changed to “Taihe” , meaning peace.

The village’s houses are scattered across the slopes, with the largest concentration of people living at Shehouping. Due to the high elevation most of the trees are cedar or bamboo. The village has three routes that visitors can take, one following the Taihe Highway from Shehouping and then climbing up Shenguanyin Mountain, the climbing route;the second follows Taishan irrigation channel from Shehouping and goes to Jiaolong Waterfall and Jiaolongxu.The third route is the Chang Mountain sunrise watching route and joins to Rui-Tai Ancient Trail.

If you want to see the magnificent sight created by Taihe’s many ume plum trees when they are in full bloom, visit Taihe January to March. The sea of flowers swaying in the wind is a stunning sight. In May the plums are ripe and many local farms allow visitors to try their hand at picking plums, an activity suitable for families. Lovers of mi jian preserved fruit really can’t miss the excellent local delicacy, tea-plum preserved in sugar.

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In the peak season for plums the trees are full of plums with red flesh and plums with yellow flesh, some sweet, some sour. A number of tourist orchards allow visitors to pick their own plums when they are ripe.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Zhangshuhu Tourist Orchard and Tea Plantation

The surging cloud sea that can often be seen at Zhangshuhu and the undulating tea fields combine to create stunning scenes.

Must Do Activities


The Greater Alishan area has diverse habitats and ecosystems and can be said to be an outstanding place to bird watch, with birds of many different kinds to be seen from an altitude of 200 meters to 2600 meters.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Meishan Interchange→County Road 162, Provincial Highway 3→162 A→Taiping→Ruifeng→County Road 169→Taihe.

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