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Alishan was the earliest place in the Alishan area to be settled by people from the lowlands. It has Ruifeng Scenic Area to the north, and is separated from Caoling Scenic Area in Yunlin County by Qingshui Creek, a tributary of the Zhuoshui River, and has Taihe Scenic Area to the east. Ruili is famous for the “eight sights of Ruili.” In 2011 Ruili was included in the newly-established Alishan National Scenic Area with Ruifeng and Taihe scenic areas.

Must Eat Dishes


Persimmons are an attractive orange yellow color, juicy, with crispy sweet flesh.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Swallow Cliff

The rock wall where Swallow Cliff is located is around 40 meters wide. The upper part has neat concave and convex parallel lines while the lower part is a notch around two meters deep.

Must Do Activities


Frogs can be seen in the Greater Alishan area all year round, from low elevation to medium elevation areas. Around 18 frog species live in the fields, ponds, waterfalls, rivers and bamboo forest of Alishan.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Meishan Interchange→County Road 162, Provincial Highway 3→162 A→Taiping→Ruifeng→County Road 166→Ruili.

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