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Ruifeng is at the central point between Caoling, Ruili and Meishan, at an elevation of 450-1300 meters. It used to be called “hairy tree” and is the second biggest village in Meishan Township, with around 1000 people. Its geographical environment is similar to that of Ruili. Its current name meaning lucky peak derives from the view of the sun rising over the mountains of Alishan from atop Haishu Mountain which is said to be very auspicious.

The main product of Ruifeng is tea, with an increasing amount of persimmon, orange day-lily and orchids also grown. The highest tea plantation is on Haishu Mountain. Ruifeng has more than ten waterfalls, large and small in a gorge.

The village’s scenic spots are divided into five routes: route one is the area formed by Ruifeng Gorge, the second is the walking route near Ruifeng Villa that has Longgong Waterfall, Leiyin Waterfall, Zhongzheng Waterfall and the water curtain, the third is the Niumojia terrace fields, Daojiao Mountain and the Qingshui Creek viewing platform, the fourth is Haishu Mountain’s sunrise watching peak and the fifth is Xinxingliao Trail and Nantianjuping.It is advisable that visitors check the scenic spot trail situation with Ruitai Visitor Center before travelling to Ruifeng and pay attention to the weather changes and the latest information about the state of the roads to avoid having a wasted journey.

Must Eat Dishes

High Mountain Tea

High Mountain Tea

The natural environment and climate of Alishan and soil rich in organic matter make the tea grow in the Alishan area sweet and fragrant tea; the tea is regarded as amongst the best tea in Taiwan.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Yejianghua Creek Trail

The trail is lined with Butterfly Ginger and when they bloom they seem like white butterflies dancing through the gorge. The trail is also a great place to watch butterflies and it has various species.

Must Do Activities


The Greater Alishan area has diverse habitats and ecosystems and can be said to be an outstanding place to bird watch, with birds of many different kinds to be seen from an altitude of 200 meters to 2600 meters.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Meishan Interchange→County Road 162, Provincial Highway 3→162 A→Taiping→Ruifeng.

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