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Where can I go?

Jinshi is in the northeast of Zhuqi Township, the terrain moderate to steep slopes, and on a main road between Zhuqi and Ruili. Jinshi produces peaches, plums, tea, bamboo, longan and Mandarin oranges.

Jinshi was settled more than 300 years ago. Access to the outside was mainly provided by limestone trails and today the ancient trails are Jinshishan Ancient Trail, the ancient trail between Jinshiliao and Guanyin Waterfall, the ancient trail between Shuikeng and Pipatou and the one between Shuikeng and Jiaoliping. Lacking a major scenic spot, the natural scenery remains in pristine condition. The scenery is either agricultural, namely bamboo forest and tea plantations, or mountains.

Jinshui is on Chia County Road 166 which goes to Ruili, commonly called Ruishui Highway. The elevation ranges from 100 to 1200 meters and afternoon fog is common, the waterfall shrouded by mist creating a stunning scene. There is also a bird’s eye view of Chiayi’s night scene.

Must Eat Dishes


The longans, as big as lychees and renowned throughout Taiwan, are sweet and juicy in October. Most of the longans produced are eaten raw while some are processed into dried longan.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Chushuikeng Trail

Since prehistoric times, Chushuikeng has been the location of several mountain springs. The trail is about 1,400 merers long and the lush green Maso and Makino bamboo forest along this teail makes it easy to lose track of other hikers, though you can hear them.

Must Do Activities

Leisurely Journey Along The Road To Tea

Leisurely Journey Along The Road To Tea

On the road to tea, visitors pick tea, make tea, make snacks DIY and taste creative tea dishes, giving the tea industry cultural depth and diversified development.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhuqi Interchange→ County Road 166→Wenfeng→Jinshi.

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