Where can I go?

Take County Road 169 and go straight on. After about half an hour, you shall see a river valley. From there, slowly go up and take the highway on your right to enter Dabang.

Dabang is the largest Tsou settlement in Taiwan. It consists of two large Tsou neighborhoods, Dabang and Tefuye. Each neighborhood has one “kuba,” the meeting place for men. Every year, a war rite called “mayasvi”, is held at kuba.

Dabang has plenty of cultural facilities, such as the Tsou Nature and Culture Center, Alishan Township Library, Memorial Monument for the 228 Incident and Elderly Activity Center. There are also about four to five restaurants and that serve Tsou cuisine. On weekends and holidays, open-air markets are held.

Dabang was established over 300 years ago. It is close to Tefuye, each village having its own hunting and fishing grounds traditionally. Xinmen, Chashan, Shanmei and Lijia are attached to Dapang, while Laiji and Leye are attached to Tefuye. Like Tefuye, Dabang is near the confluence of Changchuangu Creek and Yisijian Creek, where the Zengwen River begins. The two villages face each other from a distance, each having a kuba and they take it in turns to hold the warrior ceremony.

The main farm products grown in the village are bamboo shoots and high mountain vegetables (mostly wasabi). Dapang is situated in the center of the Tsou villages of Alishan Township and there are many homestays and small hotels in the area.

Must Eat Dishes

Bamboo Tube Rice

A bamboo tube from a one year old makino bamboo stem makes an ideal lunch box. The tube is about 80% filled with glutinous rice, cabbage leaves are placed at the bottom to retain the aroma and then it is wrapped tightly in gourd leaves and baked in a fire.

Must Visit Scenic Spots

Japanese Police Building

This Japanese colonial era building has a very elegant style. It is well-preserved because it was built using hardy local Formosan red cypress wood. It was originally the only police guesthouse in an aboriginal area in the whole of Taiwan and was used as accommodation for visiting officials.

Must Do Activities


The mayasvi war ceremony is a ceremony that involves the whole village and which asks the god of war to protect the warriors and encourages the people of the village give their all to protect the village. Prayers are offered to the god of war and god of heaven.

Additional travel tips

How to get there?

  1. Driving Information:
    National Highway 3 exit at Zhongpu Interchange→Provincial Highway 18 (Alishan Highway)→Shizhao→County Road 169→Leye→Tefuye→Dabang.

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