OctoberWedding under Divine Trees

Wedding under the Divine Tree is a group wedding event held under the thousand-year-old Xianglin Divine Tree. The brides and grooms make a ten-thousand-year “marriage contract” and vow to love each other till eternity. Two gigantic hearts are set up, surrounded by a lush green forest and the divine tree. When the brides and grooms enter the floral arch, they enter a new phase of life. After passing the floral hallways which resemble happiness and sweet love, they officially embark a new journey in life. Testified by the divine tree, they will start a happy and blissful marriage that shall last forever like the divine tree.

Other than the main wedding event, romantic tours are also being held to give the love birds and the attending guests a joyful experience.

Wedding under Divine Trees

In depth report

  • Xianglin Divine Tree

    Xianglin Divine Tree

    Alishan’s Xianglin Divine Tree, a Formosan cypress tree, was formally named Guangwu Cypress. It is near Ciyun Temple and Xianglin Elementary School at 2,207 meters above the sea level. The tree is 12.3 meters wide and 45 meters tall. According to estimation, it is 2,300 years old. It was named “Guangwu” by former Taiwan Province governor Huang Chieh because it probably first sprouted during years of Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

  • Xianglin Divine Tree

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Xianglin Divine Tree, Alishan Forest Recreation Area