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步道長度: 1.15 km

步行時間: About 60 minutes

挑戰等級: Advance level

海拔高度: About 1,200-1,450m

◼️Entrance/Exit-A: Provincial Highway 18 – 52.8 kilometer point, GPS:23°25'03.6"N 120°39'03.1"E
◼️Entrance/Exit-B: GPS: 23°25'27.5"N 120°39'09.7"E

The sea of clouds is the most fascinating scenery at Eryanping Trail. Whether it’s a sunny and clear blue sky, or a windy and cloudy day, the thick white cloud like thick white puffy blanket is always so moving to look at. When the sunset cast a pink hue on the clouds, joyful cheers can always be heard.

Xiding is the location where you can have a closer look of the sea of cloud. You can see it as you drive on the highway, and if you keep driving from west to east on County Highway 18 Alishan Highway, you will see the eye-catching landmark of Xiding Viewing Platform once you pass a few curves in Longmei Village. Across from the Xiding Viewing Platform landmark is the entrance to Eryangping Trail.
If you start from Shizhuo and travel towards the low altitude direction for 53 kilometers, and pass County Highway 18, you will arrive to Eryanping Trail. Across from the entrance to Eryanping Trail is a huge parking lot (enter from the entrance at the 52.8 kilometers point of the highway. 

Start from the entrance off of the highway, pass Shizhulin, and the tender leaf-covered crosstie trail, and you will see a variety of trees, plants and the diverse ecology of the forest.
When you reach halfway up the trail, you will encounter a tea garden where the famous Foshou Tea in Xiding is grown. Surrounding the tea garden is a stone wall that looks like a city wall and is imposing like a fortress. Such landscaping is quite common in the Alishan area, and the magnificent scenery is representative of Alishan as well.