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Taiwan Mountain Map

Alishan Mountain Range

Embark on your first hike by learning about the Alishan Mountain Range!

Whether you’re a Taiwan local or a visitor from abroad, Alishan is one of Taiwan’s most well known attractions. From the little trains, local culture and traditions to the spectacular, romantic pink cherry blossom, all are familiar impressions of Alishan. However, it is also one of Taiwan’s five great mountain ranges. The lush forest, trails and alpine vista are all must-not-miss attractions!
Bordering Qishan River (Nanzixian River), the Alishan Mountain Range is located on the west side of Yushan Mountain Range, with the south bank of Zhuoshuixi in Jiji, Nantou on its north side, and Jiguanshan in Yanchao, Kaohsiung on its south side. The direction of the mountain ridges point toward north-north-east-south-west. The average altitude of the mountain ranges, made up by 18 mountains, is 2,000 meters. Some of the mountain ranges are Jinlunshan, Zhushan, Duigaoyueshan, Datashan and Tashan, etc. Although it’s not as high as the Taiwan 100 Mountains that reach 3,000 meters, Alishan’s breathtaking

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More in Alishan Than Hiking Trails!


The climate in Alishan is cool, and has high humidity and abundant rain. The annual average temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. The five well-known wonders of Alishan are sunrise, sea of clouds, railroad, forest and sunset! The early morning dawn unveils a new day, while the breathtaking orange sunset in the evening ends the day in a perfect note. Alishan’s Sea of Clouds is one of Taiwan’s top 8 scenic attractions. It is usually seen on sunny days when clouds roll in during sunrise or at dusk. One of the three mountain railways remaining in the world is in Alishan. It was built to transport timber in the old days, and nowadays it’s a tourism train that shuttles tourists through the forest. Visitors who don’t want to take the train can hike on the trails to be closer to nature, enjoy fresh air and experience the charm of the alpine forest.

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