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A carefree hiking trip in Alishan

A carefree hiking trip in Alishan

Suggested length of tour: 1 day

Season: All Seasons

Category: Eco Tour


No matter the season of your visit, there is always something to be enjoyed in Alishan. In spring, flowers are in full blossom. In summer, verdant trees and green grass are everywhere. In Autumn, views of red maples are breath-taking. In winter, meandering clouds and fogs in this 2,000-meter mountain are amazing. The beauty of Alishan is worth being savored. Don’t forget to appreciate the five most significant views of Alishan while you are here: the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the forests, the sunset, and the old railway. Let Alishan impresses you and bring some indelible travel memories home.

Recommended site: The Alishan Forest Recreation Park
The Alishan Forest Recreation Park is 75 km away from Chiayi City and covers 1,400 hectares of land, with the Tropic of Cancer passing through.