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The Fenqihu Railway Tour

The Fenqihu Railway Tour

Suggested length of tour: 1 day

Season: All Seasons

Category: General tours


Fenqihu is a little mountain town with a strong nostalgic charm. Its historic streets, railway lunch boxes and well-planned round-the-village forest trails are worth being enjoyed. Immerse yourself in the wonderful nature as you take a walk along the trails. Don’t forget to have a steaming hot delicious lunch box afterwards!

Recommended site: Fenqihu
Since the Alishan National Scenic Area was established, trails surrounding the Fenqihu were also renovated. Today, visitors can take the Gaozhican and Fenrui Historic Trails to enjoy some beautiful views before walking along County Route 169 for the old Chiayi Train Station. To visit the Earth God’s Temple, they can then take the rest of the wooded trails before finally returning to the old police station. In the evenings, visitors can expect to see dancing fireflies along the wooded trails surrounded by nature.

Travel notes

How to get there?
1.Departure point: Chiayi Train Station/ THSR Chiayi Station