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Romantic Chukou

Romantic Chukou

Suggested length of tour: 1 day

Season: All Seasons

Category: General tours


The Tencho and Chikyuu Suspension Bridges were built in the 12th year of Showa (1937) during the Japanese Occupation Period in celebration of the Emperor’s and the Empress’ birthdays, a.k.a. Tenchosetsu and Chikyuusetsu in Japanese. “Tencho” and “Chikyuu” also refer to a final union of two lovers.

Recommended site: Chukou
Chukou used to be a busy transport hub, but it was only until Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan that it regained its old-time busyness. During the post-disaster period, most other traffic routes were closed, and tourist buses had no other options but to stop at Chukou. Today, Chukou has quickly become a boisterous tourist destination. The “Alishan National Scenic Area” sign in front of the Longyin Temple is especially loved by Chinese tourists. Almost every one of them takes a picture with it to prove that they have been to Taiwan. In fact, visitors can get as much information in Chukou, because the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Office is right here. Brochures and flyers are available free of charge. Chukou is at the junction of the Alishan mountain ridges and prairies. A fault passes through and mountains surround three sides of it. Looking down from the Dingpu Highway, one can see Bazhang River making a magnificent big turn towards the southwest.

Travel notes

How to get there?
1.Departure point: Chiayi Train Station/ THSR Chiayi Station
2.Others: It takes 120 mins from Alishan to Chukou. Bus fare may be paid by cash or by the EasyCard.