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Watch clouds and savor tea in Xiding

Watch clouds and savor tea in Xiding

Suggested length of tour: 1 day

Season: All Seasons

Category: Tea Tour


Xiding is 1,250m above the sea level. Located at 54-56k of the Alishan Highway, it is the nearest place to watch fogs and the sunset from the Alishan. Because airflows from Bazhang and Zhenwen Rivers converge here, magnificent “cloud-falls” can be seen. The Eryianping Mountain Trail and its observatory are the best places to watch the clouds. Be sure to have afternoon tea here as Xiding is a famous production origin of tea.

Recommended site: Eryianping Mountain Trail
The Eryianping Mountain Trail is 1,800m long. It takes about 50 minutes to make a round trip of it. Along the way, bamboo forests and tea gardens can be found. A panoramic view of the Jianan Plain, the Bazhang River and the bustling Chiayi City can be enjoyed at its entrance observatory. This is also the nearest place to watch the amazing “cloud-falls” from Alishan Highway. At the mountain-top pavilion, a graceful view of tea gardens awaits visitors.

Travel notes

How to get there?
1.Departure point: Chiayi Train Station/ THSR Chiayi Station
2.Others: It takes 120 mins from Alishan to Chukou. Bus fare may be paid by cash or by the EasyCard.