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Be a Tsou Tribe Hunter – Xinmei Chashan 2-Day Tour

Be a Tsou Tribe Hunter

Suggested length of tour: 2 Days

Season: All Seasons

Category: Indigenous Tribe Tour


1st Day
  • Fumei Suspension Bridge
  • Enjoy local cuisines at Xinmei Tribal Village
  • Experience Niahosa hunter lifestyle, making niaota (bird resting step), and bagpipe
  • Dinner at Chashan
  • God Takes Fire campfire party in Chashan
  • Check in to Chashan B&B
2nd Day
  • Enjoy breakfast at the B&B
  • Visit Chashan Tribal Village
  • Bird flute / Cook bamboo tube rice / Shell ginger leave coasters DIY
  • Chayama meal
  • Return


1. Every indigenous tribe has its unique culture and taboos. Before visiting each tribal village, we recommend visitors to first understand tribal rules, and hire a tribal resident as a tour guide.
2. Please respect tribal residents’ privacy and space. Without tribal residents’ permission, please do not enter their premises and make loud noise.
3. Please respect the tribe’s festivals and ceremonies. During tribal ceremonies, please comply with ritual rules and taboos. Obstruction or interference of ceremony rituals (taking pictures in the ceremony without permission from the tribe etc.) is strictly forbidden.