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Getting Here

To Chiayi

To Chiayi

  • Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Company Ltd.

    Kuo-Kuang Transportation has transfer stations from Xinying to Chiayi from Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan stations. After arriving to Chiayi, there are other forms of transportation that can reach Alishan.

  • TRA

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail

    The fastest transportation in the western part of Taiwan is none other than the Taiwan High Speed Rail. Although the fare is high, it helps to cut down on transit time during holidays.
    From Chiayi High Speed Rail Station Exit 2, take the express bus BRT to Chiayi Train Station (about 25 minutes). Then take other transportations.

    THSR Chiayi Station
    No.168, Gaotie W. Rd., Taibao City, Chiayi County


Transportation in the area

Transportation in the area

  • Chiayi County Bus

  • Taiwan Tour Bus

    Do you not have any idea on how to plan your Alishan itinerary? Then leave it to Taiwan Tour Bus! The professional tour guide will take you on a comprehensive tour to experience the beauty of Alishan.

  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

    Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, a shuttle bus that stops at all the popular destinations, is a great transportation tool for travelers to Alishan! Since its route is especially designed to only stop at popular destinations, it makes planning more convenient. Visitors who take the High Speed Rail can also buy multi-tickets!

  • Alishan Forest Railway

    Main Line: Chiayi ⇆ Shizilu

    Stops along: Beimen, Luman(Lumachan), Zhuqi, Zhangnaoliao, Mt. Duli, Liyuanliao, Jiaoliping, Shuisheliao, Fenqihu, Duolin

    Alishan Forest Rail Branch Line (inside the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area)

    Chushan Line

    Sunset time is different each season, and Alishan Station will make time adjustments on their train schedules according to the time of sunset each day and the number of passengers. Visitors who wish to ride on the sunset train must purchase their tickets one day prior to their trip from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on the 2nd Floor of Alishan Forest Rail Chiayi Station, Beimen Station, Fenqihu Station and Alishan Station.

    Shenmu Line (Sacred Tree Line)

    Zhaoping Line

    Please refer to the schedule to Zhaoping Station. When you get off the train, please walk along Shuishan Line.

    Mianyue Line

    Mianyue Line is currently discontinued. Due to this route runs along the Taiwan Windowsill Orchid Natural Conservation Area and considering people’s safety, access is prohibited.

  • Yuanlin Bus

    Stops at Dream Works of the Plums and Tataka for 10-15 minutes

    Multi-ticket or electronic ticket holders, please call to reserve a seat one day prior to your trip: +886-49-2770041

    Sun Moon Lake – Alishan Line

    Departure Time

    Sun Moon Lake 08:00

    Alishan 13:00