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Special collection of tasty food & souvenirs

Good Food, Good Buys, You Name It, Alishan Has It!

Must Try Deliciousness

  • Fenqihu Lunchboxes

    Fenqihu Lunchboxes

    The famous Fenqihu lunchboxes are closely connected to the industries in Alishan. Since Fenqihu is centrally located in the area, it was the best spot for workers in the logging and tea picking industries, as well as other businessmen to stop by and take a break. Fenqihu lunchboxes had started then and continued until today. Every shop features their unique flavors.

    Places to shop: Fenqihu

    Restaurant Recommendation: Densun Canteen, Aliang nostalgic railway lunchbox, Guanyun traditional lunchbox, Yahu railway lunchbox, Qunfeng railway lunchbox, Fenchihu Hotel, Railway Mountain Town Restaurant, Xiaoshe railway lunchbox

  • Tsou Style Cuisine

    Tsou Style Cuisine

    The Tsou indigenous tribesmen had long resided in Alishan, and are cooking experts who know the local ingredients well! Stir-fried mountain greens, Tsou style grilled meat, pigeon pea soup and crisp-fried river shrimp are just some of the dishes and cooking techniques that have been passed down from generations. These dishes create unique Tsou cuisines that are different from others. Besides banquet style dishes that are suitable for families, simple meals are also available to satisfy different needs. Please keep in mind that many restaurants require reservations!

    Places to shop: Tsou Tribal Village

    Restaurant Recommendation: Yupasu Tsou Restaurant, Tsou Style Restaurant, Shan-Fu-Rong, Hana Kitchen

  • Tea Meals and Tea Ceremony

    Tea Meals and Tea Ceremony

    Mellow with a hint of sweet undertone, aroma and fragrance linger…these are just some of the phrases that come to mind when describing the wonderful Alishan tea. The famous tea regions include Eucalypt Lake, Fenqihu, Dabang, Shizhuo, Xiding, Taihe, Ruili and Lijia. Qingxin Oolong, Jinxuan and Cui Yu are tea drinking experts’ favorite teas. Using tea in cuisines is also one of Alishan’s specialty dishes. Why not plan a visit to the tea regions and enjoy the taste of world-class tea.

    Places to shop: Various regions in Alishan.

    Recommended Businesses: Sheng Li Farm (tea meals)

  • Home Roasted Coffee

    Home Roasted Coffee

    The coffee industry also has the same climate and terrain advantage as the tea industry in Alishan. Coffee grown in an environment that has a huge temperature difference between day and night tastes different from coffee grown in other areas in Asia. It might have the sensibility of tea or carry the aroma of wine, but you will be pleasantly surprise at each sip, depending on how the masters prefer to roast the beans!

Special Souvenir Gifts

  • Fenqifu rice crackers

    Fenqifu rice crackers

    Fenqifu, the name of a rice cracker, sounds like Fenqihu, but has a more auspicious meaning. Using natural ingredients and not a drop of oil in the production process, these crackers are made in a more healthy fashion, while still delicious. Bite into the crispy rice cracker, or rice block and chew slowly to taste the care that Fenqifu put into their products. You will become a regular customer once you give it a try!

    Places to shop: Fenqihu

  • Turmeric


    Turmeric has become a hot health topic in recent years, and it is also grown in Alishan. Whether it’s used as a fresh ingredient in sausage making or dried and ground to a powder to make drinks, it is quite special!

    Places to shop: Ruili, Ruifeng

  • Tea Seed Oil

    Tea Seed Oil

    Xinmei Tribal Village’s tea seed oil is known for being natural and pure. Each year it’s in short supply due to the high demand. Many restaurants in Alishan use tea seed oil in their cuisines to achieve flavor and healthy goodness!

    Places to shop: Xinmei Tribal Village

  • Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar

    The period between Winter Solstice and the Lantern Festival is the harvest time for alpine Chinese sugarcane. Every family in Ruili and Ruifeng are immersed in sugar making. Brown sugar is sweet, but not filling and has a great aftertaste. It’s one of the popular specialty products.

    Places to shop: Ruili, Ruifeng

  • Wild Boar Handicrafts

    Wild Boar Handicrafts

    The Laiji tribe had relocated to this area as a result of chasing after wild boars, so wild boars became an important warrior symbol. There are all kinds of wild boar arts installed within the tribal village. Besides making one yourself, there are also a variety of wild boar handicrafts you can purchase as souvenirs.

    Places to shop: Laiji Tribal Village

  • Alishan oriental lily

    Alishan oriental lily

    Oriental lilies grown in Alishan come in many colors including pink, yellow, and white. There are also new varieties such as rose lilies. They are grown by greenhouse cultivation. Taking advantage of the climate of high mountains, they are planted in higher altitude areas such as Leye, Dabang and Lijia. With careful soil management and eco-friendly practices, lilies can be harvested all year round.

    Places to shop: Leye, Dabang, Lijia