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Cherry and Wisteria, Bloom in riotous colors

Early spring is the most splendid time in Alishan, as the powder pink cherry blossoms lift the veil of spring, while the romantic wisterias follow closely behind. The cherry blossoms bloom gradually from December to March in the Alishan National Scenic Area. However, the cherry blossoms at the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area bloom from mid March to April. March is also the best time to enjoy wisterias. Visit Alishan in the spring and let the colorful floral vista impress you with unforgettable travel memories.

Fuji Cherry Blossoms (seen all over this area) – Huang Yuan-ming Photography

First Glimpse of Cherry Blossoms in Late Winter & Early Spring

Fuji, Yoshino, Taiwan and Yaezakura are some of the varieties of cherry blossoms that bloom all over the mountains of Alishan every early spring. Enjoy the pale pink Taiwan and snow-white Fuji cherry blossoms among the giant trees that erect in the forest. The petals sprinkling down like light rain drops, and the surrounding wooden structures form a romantic and beautiful picture of spring. Let Alishan’s spring floral season be an event not to be missed each year.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area mid March to mid April

Meiyuan, Alishan Police Station, Hiking Entrance of Zhushan Trail, Zhaoping Station, Zhaoping Park, Giant Tree Cluster Trail, Three-generation Tree Cherry Blossom Trail

Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations

Alishan National Scenic Area December to March

Shizhuo Cherry Blossom Trail, Xiding Lookout, Xiding Eryanping Trail, Linji Chashan (54.6 km), Mituochan Temple

Traffic control is enforced during cherry blossom season each year. Please pay attention.

We recommend visitors to take advantage of the cherry blossom viewing passenger bus that’s available at the beginning of March.

Please do not climb on tree branches or go beyond the blockade.

Special Recommendation
  1. Xiding Eryanping cherry blossoms

    Sunrise and Cherry Blossoms – A Satisfying Dreamy Scene

  2. Cherry Blossoms from Shizhuo Cherry Blossom Trail
    Shizhuo Cherry Blossom Trail

    A romantic visit to the Cherry Blossom Trail limited in the spring only

  3. Zhaoping Station’s cherry blossoms
    Zhaoping Station

    Passing through the cherry blossom tunnel on the little train ride.


Viewing wisteria while spring is still warm

Immediately after the cherry blossom season, the romantic wisteria doesn’t waste time to show off. As the warm spring breeze sets in, the lavender flower clusters sway gently in the wind. The lush clusters drape on the branches like waterfall, imposing a deep impression to every visitor! Currently, Ruili is an area in Taiwan that has the most wisterias. The blooming time is March, and it’s a sign of spring in Alishan!

Wisteria Viewing Locations

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area March

Ciyun Temple, Zhaoping Station, Alishan Ranger Stations

Alishan National Scenic Area March

Ruili Community

Ruili community has many private properties. Please do not disturb them.

Please do not climb on tree branches or go beyond the blockade.

Special Recommendations
  1. Wisteria at Ciyun Temple
    Ciyun Temple

    Enjoy beautiful wisteria next to Qingyou Temple

  2. Wisteria at Zhaoping Park
    Zhaoping Park

    Lavender floral waterfall – Romantic floral impression

  3. Wisteria at the Ruili Community
    Ruili Community

    Encountering wisteria at a small corner