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Lingering sweetness of good tea, Diffuse aroma of coffee

Alpine Tea & Champion Coffee – The Most Special Beverage Experience in Alishan

Alishan Four Seasons Tea Tour

A Tour of Tea – Alpine Tea Tasting and Local Customs

Short daylight and big temperature difference between day and night are Alishan’s geological advantages, as it is one of Taiwan’s best locations for tea production. The alpine Oolong tea, Jinxuan tea, green tea and tea bags are all popular Alishan teas. Tea tasting on site, by the river, and tea ceremony in the bamboo forest are all experiences that are available at various tea factories. Each experience is unique and offers the mellow taste of great tea!

Itinerary Activities

  • Nature Tea Ceremony Fun

    Taixing Community

    Story Time at Liyuanliao Railway Station

    Tasty Feast in the Valley

    Tea Factory Tour and Nature Tea Ceremony Experience (Shengyuan Tea Factory)
    Stroll Around Taiping Community

    Taiping Suspension Bridge and Yunzhinan Trail

    Registration Information

    Yuansheng Alpine Tea Factory / Mr. Jian: 0933-356466

  • Tea Tasting and Listening to Trickling Sounds of Water in the Stream

    Taixing Community

    Taiping Suspension Bridge and Yunzhinan Trail

    Delicious Home Cooking in the Valley

    Look Tea House Tea Experience

    Visit Taixing Waterfall Trail

    Registration Information

    Look Tea House / Ms. Yeh: 05-2571872

  • Tea Tasting at Longyanlin Tea

    Longyan Community

    Taiping Suspension Bridge and Yunzhinan Trail

    Delicious Lunch in the Valley

    Erjianshan Trail
    Experience Tea Ceremony Competition (Longyanlin Tea Factory)

    Stroll on Taiping Old Street

    Registration Information

    Longyanlin Tea (Dashan Zizai B&B)
    Mr. Jian: 0921-523242

  • Fun Time at Taiping Old Street

    Taiping Community

    Taiping Suspension Bridge and Yunzhinan Trail
    History of Taiping Old Street

    Special Cuisine in the Valley

    Plant Dyeing Experience (Taiping Community Development Association)

    Tea Ceremony & Tea Art Experience

    Registration Information

    Taiping Village, Meishan Township Community Development Association
    Ms. Wu: 0919-790989

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Champion Coffee – Refined Selection & Roasting Means Complex Taste

Sip some Alishan coffee, and what flavor do you taste? Tropical fruit tea, dried longyan, or Whiskey? Many of the coffee served in the coffee shops at Alishan are grown and roasted by the owner, featuring the most local and complex flavors! Besides coffee tasting, visitors also have a chance to experience roasting coffee beans, and understand why Alishan is so proud to be named the International Champion of Coffee from the source.

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