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Annual events

Sunrise Impression Concert

The Sunrise Impression Concert has been held on Zhushan viewing platform and in other venues in 2500 meter elevation Alishan Forest Recreation Area for nearly 10 years. Visitors are moved by the sound of beautiful music as they greet the first sun rays of the new year.

Additional travel tips

There is a big difference in temperature between morning and evening and daytime. Visitors should bring warm clothes with them.

Flower Seasons

Every spring the annual Alishan sakura season begins and the beautiful sight should not be missed. Alishan Forest Recreation Area has a large number of Yoshino cherry trees, followed in number by Formosan cherry trees;theare also 1000 Yaebenishidare (double-blossom dropping cherry tree ) cherry trees, Alishan is simply the best place to see sakura cherry blossoms in Taiwan.

Where to see sakura?

Alishan Forest Recreation Area Dabang, Leye etc.

Firefly Season

After many years of firefly conservation work in the greater Alishan area a large number of fireflies of a number of species can be seen today. The fireflies are most active April-June but fireflies can be seen all year round in the Alishan area.

Additional travel tips
  • Necessary equipment:firefly identification guide, torch wrapped in red paper, insect box for observing the fireflies and water to drink.
  • Attire:long sleeved top, long trousers and sports shoes. Snakes are active at night so remember to disturb the grass in front of you with a stick.
  • Firefly viewing time:go into action as soon as the sun goes down. In spring/summer fireflies can be seen 6.30-8.30 pm and in autumn/winter roughly 6-7pm.
Where to see fireflies

Ruifeng, Ruili, Fenqihu, Guanghua.

Wedding under Divine Trees

Wedding under the Divine Tree is a group wedding event held under the thousand-year-old Xianglin Divine Tree. The brides and grooms make a ten-thousand-year “marriage contract” and vow to love each other till eternity. Two gigantic hearts are set up, surrounded by a lush green forest and the divine tree. When the brides and grooms enter the floral arch, they enter a new phase of life. After passing the floral hallways which resemble happiness and sweet love, they officially embark a new journey in life. Testified by the divine tree, they will start a happy and blissful marriage that shall last forever like the divine tree.
Other than the main wedding event, romantic tours are also being held to give the love birds and the attending guests a joyful experience.


Xianglin Divine Tree, Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Tsou Annual Festival

The indigenous people of Alishan, the Tsou people, is comprised of nine major tribes. Every year in September to December, each tribe holds their own celebrations that are jointly referred to as the famous “Tsou Annual Festival” of Alishan!
Combining local culture and traditional Tsou culture, each tribe’s event is worth visiting, including the Lalauya Coffee Industry Festival, Dabang Jelly-fig Festival and Fo’na Festival, Xinmei Tea Seed Oil Festival, Shanmei Taiwan Shovel-jaw Carp Festival, Chashan Hufu Festival, and Zhulu Sharing Festival, all of which inviting visitors to experience Tsou culture and Alishan.

Travel information

The event date varies every year. You are recommended to check this website for the most up-to-date information during September to December.

Four Seasons of Alishan Tea Tourism

Tea is closely related to the 24 solar terms defined by the ancients from observing the changes in climate. Alishan tea is world renowned. In order to help visitors better understand the intricate links between tea and climate, the Alishan National Scenic Area Headquarters, collaborating with local communities, planned in-depth tea tours specific to the four seasons of the year. Walking through the tea fields and tasting the delicious tea, you will be able to experience the Alishan hospitality first-hand.

Travel information

The event time varies each year. Please check this website for updates.