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Yejianghua Creek Trail

Friday:Open 24 hours a day


The trail is lined with Butterfly Ginger and when they bloom they seem like white butterflies dancing through the gorge. The trail is also a great place to watch butterflies and it has various species.

The trail is near where the boundaries of Ruifeng and Ruili meet and joins Xinxingliao in Ruifeng and the green tunnel in Ruili and can be accessed from either end. It is only 950 meters long and can be walked at a leisurely pace in an hour.


Travel information

Opening Hours: Sunday:Open 24 hours a day
Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday:Open 24 hours a day
Thursday:Open 24 hours a day
Friday:Open 24 hours a day
Saturday:Open 24 hours a day

TEL: +886-5-2593900

FAX: +886-5-2594305

Address: Meishan Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C


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