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Shigupan Waterfall

Thursday:Open 24 hours a day


Shigupan waterfall Trail is about 1.2 kilometres long.The gorge in which the waterfall is located is called zhuzipai (bamboo row) by locals. It has special step-type river topography and has a string of waterfalls. There are six waterfalls in all, each different and with different amount of water.

Travel information

Opening Hours: Sunday:Open 24 hours a day
Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday:Open 24 hours a day
Thursday:Open 24 hours a day
Friday:Open 24 hours a day
Saturday:Open 24 hours a day

TEL: +886-5-2593900

FAX: +886-5-2594305

Address: Alishan Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C


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