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Jiaolong Waterfall

Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Jiaolong Waterfall
Jiaolong Waterfall
Jiaolong Waterfall


The waterfall was formed by a fault and is the tallest in Taiwan.It is over 600-700 meters tall and cascades down a cliff to the southeast of Fengshan. May to September when rainfall is plentiful the cascading water is divided into two levels and, when rainfall is less, it is divided into four.

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Opening Hours: Sunday:Open 24 hours a day
Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday:Open 24 hours a day
Thursday:Open 24 hours a day
Friday:Open 24 hours a day
Saturday:Open 24 hours a day

TEL: +886-5-2593900

FAX: +886-5-2594305

Address: Alishan Township, Chiayi County Taiwán, R.O.C


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