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Where is Alishan located?

The best place to see the sunrise, a sea of clouds and a tea plantation

Take the train to Chiayi train station – the fastest train takes 2.5 hours from Taipei and 1.5 hours from Kaohsiung

Alishan located

Travel guide for three main recreation systems of Alishan

Alishan is extraordinary in all four seasons: admiring followers in spring, visiting fireflies in summer, viewing maples in autumn, and getting together to welcome the first dawn of the year in winter.

Area Map
Unveil the mystery of Alishan

Unveil the
mystery of Alishan

Alishan is rich in natural resources. Like the leaf veins, the traffic networks spread to the mountains, leading visitors to travel through the green layers of forests and mountains, to see the startling beauty of sunrise and flowing clouds, and to savor the delicate scenery of a tea plantation and the hometown culture of the Tsou Tribe. All of them are the recreational highlights that you can’t miss in Alishan.

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